Pay Early or Pay Late: What’s Better for Your Company’s Bottom Line?


See how early-pay discounts really do pay off for the company in the long run. Conventional wisdom used to be “instead of worrying about early-payment discounts, hold off paying suppliers as long as possible and use that money to invest … continue reading

One Week…Two Conferences…COR360 Goes on the Road


If you’re going to be at the IFO’s CDN360 or the IOFM Controller’s Conference, come see us. With two shows occurring simultaneously, next week is going to be a busy one for us. Rob DeVincent, our Vice President of Product … continue reading

Fighting for IT Time for Your AP Department? SaaS to the Rescue. [Infographic]


In many companies, everybody gets more of IT’s attention than AP and Procurement. This Infographic shows that with a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, that lack of attention is no longer a problem. Embed this infographic on your site: … continue reading

5 Habits of Highly Successful Accounts Payable Departments [Video]


Best-in-class accounts payable departments essentially put their AP on autopilot. Here’s how. Companies often get bogged down by doing things the same old way, even when that old way is inefficient and costly. You need to be willing to let … continue reading

Paper’s Dominance in Accounts Payable Continues to Decline


Whether it’s mandated e-invoicing or a desire to streamline processes and increase efficiency, paper is losing its place as the preferred invoicing format in accounts payable departments. As more and more companies begin to automate their AP departments, certain things … continue reading

MasterCard CEO Acknowledges that Credit Cards’ Major Competitor is Cash


Ajay Banga calls cash “the dirtiest secret of the modern economy” in a speech at the Wharton Leadership Conference. As a company that provides financial technology solutions to a wide variety of enterprises, our passion is in finding ways to … continue reading

Transform Your Accounts Payable with E-invoicing [Video]


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5 Reasons E-Invoicing Makes the “Must-Have” List for Accounts Payable [New Webinar]


Corcentric’s latest Webinar will demonstrate why AP departments globally are turning to e-invoicing to streamline and improve their invoice approval process. Sometimes, it takes a while for a good idea to catch on, but once it does, everyone wants to … continue reading

[New 2014 PayStream e-invoicing Benchmark Report] 7 Essential Features Every Solution Must Have


The new PayStream Advisors Benchmark Report details the “must-haves” AP departments should look for in an e-invoicing solution. Last week, we discussed the issues that PayStream Advisors 2014 eInvoicing Benchmark Report identified as those that are preventing some companies from … continue reading

E-invoicing Growing Across Europe; It’s More Than Mandates


European businesses are now recognizing the enormous savings that electronic invoicing will bring to their companies. If the initial action of mandating e-invoicing for government contracts caused trepidation in companies’ accounts payable departments, that feeling has been mitigated by the … continue reading