At the Corcentric Summit, It’s All About the Customer


Success stories, updates on the industry, and new COR360 features and benefits highlight the Corcentric Summit COR360 customers got just what they were looking for at this year’s Corcentric Summit, the two-day event, held in conjunction with the AmeriQuest Symposium … continue reading

Top 5 Habits of Highly Successful Accounts Payable Departments [New Webinar]


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Why E-Invoicing Should Be an Essential Part of Your Indirect Procurement Solution


This is the first in a series of blogs that analyzes a new approach to the indirect procurement process. Among the features that any successful solution should provide is electronic invoicing. Here’s why… Procurement professionals within mid-size companies may be … continue reading

Disruption Makes ‘Business as Usual’ Obsolete


Deloitte’s e-book offers a clear warning to businesses that think they’re immune to disruption Life, and business, as we know it has changed radically. Customers decide how businesses operate, not the other way around. And, in a digital and continually … continue reading

10 Game-Changing Trends Impacting the Workplace


Late last year, Forbes magazine ran an article on how workplaces are adjusting to the new generation of workers. Find out if your company is ready for Generations X, Y, and Z This blog first appeared on the AmeriQuest Business … continue reading

AP’s Big Decision: To Automate or Not [New Webinar]


Learn why best-in-class accounts payable departments have automated their invoice workflow and approval processes in this latest Webinar.  Companies are continually looking for ways to streamline their processes and increase both efficiency and productivity. Automation is key to achieving these … continue reading

2014 IWA Benchmark Report: Capturing Competitive Advantage [New PayStream Advisors Report]


A new PayStream Advisors report details how automating the entire invoice lifecycle can give companies a competitive edge. PayStream Advisors recently released their 2014 IWA Benchmark Report which tracks current market trends in invoice workflow automation (IWA) usage and shows … continue reading