E-invoicing Growing Across Europe; It’s More Than Mandates


European businesses are now recognizing the enormous savings that electronic invoicing will bring to their companies. If the initial action of mandating e-invoicing for government contracts caused trepidation in companies’ accounts payable departments, that feeling has been mitigated by the … continue reading

Accounts Payable Reduces Inefficiency with e-Invoicing (New PayStream Advisors Report)


Companies who have transitioned their AP departments to e-invoicing have seen substantial improvement. So why haven’t all companies made the move? If there’s one thing that the latest PayStream Advisors report shows, it’s that there’s a definite disconnect between what … continue reading

Finance Jobs Are Out There, But Who Will Fill Them?


People need jobs; companies have job openings. So what’s the problem? We keep hearing that there are no jobs. But that’s not really the whole story. The fact is there are jobs out there. There are positions that remain open … continue reading

Finance Professionals Need to Perfect New Skill Sets


A new survey finds that, as finance professionals take on more roles and responsibility, they also need to polish up their communication and relationship-building skills. Last week, we posted a blog that dealt with the changing role of finance due … continue reading

Retailers Face Unique Challenges When It Comes to Accounts Payable [New Webinar]


Corcentric’s latest Webinar will show AP professionals in retail why automating their processes can help resolve many of their issues. Every business has its specific challenges. When it comes to accounts payable and the invoice approval process, most industries face … continue reading

Happy Birthday, USA!


Beaches, barbecues, and fabulous fireworks: it’s time to celebrate and have lots of family fun. While you’re doing that, show off your Fourth of July knowledge with these fun facts: Although the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, … continue reading

Finance Breaks Out of Its Traditional Role


Complexity has forced companies to break down silos and expand the functions of finance teams. In today’s fast-moving, increasingly complex business environment, the traditional separation of functions within an enterprise may benefit the individual department at the expense of the overall … continue reading

New Study Says Procurement’s Priorities Get Redefined


A recent study by The Hackett Group discusses the changing role for procurement and the need for technology to achieve those goals. Businesses are still feeling the effects of the 2008 global financial crisis, and volatility of demand is the … continue reading

Reducing Financial Standards Complexity is FASB’s Goal

Red-Tape-Blog-01(150 x 150)

Bureaucracies are often accused of having too much complexity and red tape, but the FASB is attempting to fix that problem. More and more companies and government entities are trying to simplify their processes, and the Financial Accounting Standards Board … continue reading

Why Your Fully Automated AP Department May Not Be Fully Automated


General workflow solutions and content/document management systems are no substitutes for the real thing: an Accounts Payable automated workflow solution. When we talk with prospective customers or with AP trade show attendees, they’ll often tell us they’ve already automated their … continue reading