Choose the Right Workflow Solution Provider for the Right Job

It’s time to choose an automated workflow solution provider for your accounts payable. How do you know which type of provider is best?

Back in April, we posted a blog entitled, Not Just Workflow Solutions…Accounts Payable Workflow Solutions. That posting talked about the fact that, when looking for an automated workflow solution for accounts payable, you should be talking to providers who are AP specialists. Some of you have asked us for a little more detail on how to distinguish the offerings that are out there in the marketplace, so we’ve put together this chart that shows you the strengths and weaknesses in the solutions offered by companies from a variety of disciplines.

The reality is that in order to build industry-leading solutions and provide best-in-class customer support, the provider must have employees with domain expertise in the specific industries the solution would serve. You want a provider who will supply, in addition to the solution itself, best practice recommendations and ongoing consulting.  When looking for an automated AP workflow solution, you need one that incorporates:

  • Deep knowledge of how the accounts payable process actually works
  • Supplier portal and e-invoicing
  • Best-in-class invoice imaging and OCR data capture
  • Workflow technology configured using your business rules
  • Automated invoice matching using Straight Through Processing technology
  • Ability to connect with 100% of a customer’s supply base
  • ERP/Financial system integration
  • Streamlined user experience with intuitive navigation

Obviously, your best option will come from a provider that creates solutions specifically for AP departments. Any solution may work…but just any solution may not work well. Hopefully the chart above will help you in your search.

If your current AP approval process is out of control, here is more information on how an automated workflow solution can streamline the entire invoice approval process.

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